Monday, November 26, 2007

How to Get Fired

How many times do you think of the perfect comeback line too late? For me, all the time but not this day. I was driving to work and some total jackhole was weaving in and out of rush hour traffic in a flatbed and caused one guy to go off on to the shoulder and another to slam on his brakes (not to mention cutting me off as well). So what do you do? Thinking fast, I pulled out my cell phone to take a photo of the ID number on the truck, you know one of those "how am I driving" things. I trailed him for a bit and he seemed to get REALLY annoyed. Then as I pulled along side him and took the photo, this was so perfect, he flipped me off! You should have seen his face as I waved my cell phone at him as he sped away.

So when I got to work, it was easy enough to look up the company that he was driving for and email the photo to their custom service department. Hopefully he's out of a job by now or at least not driving for hem anymore.

You mess with the bull, you get the horns baby

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mustang Project: It's So On!

What was once a modern day phenomenon when it was first launched back in the 60s is now a rusty piece of garbage in my garage. Many of you know I love old junk and tend to stuff alot of it into my tiny-ish house. Well, as it turns out, I finally got sick of looking at all this crap and decided to do something about it. With some inspiration from a friend, I've dug into dismantling the old 1965 Mustang parts car that I picked up not long after moving into the Folsom Street Shagpad 5 years ago.

I've stripped off most of the useful ornamental pieces and am just about ready to do the heavy lifting. The next step is to get a engine hoist and pull the T5 manual transmission, 302 V8 (with Edelbrock 650cfm carb, mid rise intake, electronic fuel pump and deep sump Molino oil pan), disk brakes and suspension and 9" Ford rear end. PS - Check out the photo above and see my badass 1966 Fastback in the background that is soon to be the recipient of all this bolt in love.

As you can tell the rest of the car is a rusty mess. I was hoping to salvage something from it but honestly the more stuff I try to take off, the more the thing crumbles. I hope to sell off the husk to some poor shlub but we'll see. The rear window and quarter windows are still good along with most of the body above the rusting floor pan. What was the guy thinking when he was pouring money into the awesome drive train of this hopeless P.O.S.?