Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maker Faire 2010

Jodie, Elke and I went to San Mateo today for the Maker Faire. I've been meaning to go to this for a bit now and finally had the time, money, etc... The Maker Faire is kind of a invention, mad scientist, Burning Man, yuppie fest. It is amazing how much time people have to really dig into this crazy, useless nonsense. And it is really cool to check out. Like the giant burning metal tree below. It is an an art piece called Soma from the Flaming Lotus Girls.

or the giant motor driven metal snails with flaming antennas

or the giant custom tricycles

or this poor SOB that volunteered to be in the metal box in-between the Tesla coils. The bolts were tied to the live music. It was pretty impressive and cool to see electricity in some type of physical form.

and this just seemed like it would be fun to screw around on. It's a hydraulic powered giant mechanical spider. I can imagine doing some all terrain stuff or urban exploration / parking scofflaw vigilante.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time to Order the Counter Tops

Put the plywood on top of the cabinets, bunch of electrical and plumbing, cabinet cutting for vents, faucet... here are the photos: