Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Epic Ride 2010: Arrival in Boulder

Well here is an out of order, late post about a ride Ken and I took this Spring. The story is that I bought a motorcycle in Boulder a year-ish ago thinking that I would be out there to take it to Kansas, weekend trips... etc. Well I never made it back there to do any riding and figured I should just bring it home. The bike was a low mileage 1983 BMW r100s. These things go for 200k to 300k miles so with only 8k on the odometer, it was barely broken in. It has been outside for some time and had some oxidation on the aluminum engine and pits here and there but in general was in good shape and tight.

So as it turns out Ken was itching to do some riding on his R100 GS as well and we agreed to meet before it got too far into the hot summer. Ken arrived in Boulder a few days before me and went with Ben to pick me up at the Denver airport. That was Friday night, June 11th. The flight was delayed and the bags were somewhere else. Ben had some nasty food working it's way through his system and we really couldn't wait around past 2 am. We notified the airline that we wanted the bags delivered and headed home for a beer and the rack.

It rained for the next few days but we used the time to tinker with the bikes and put up some plywood in Ben's garage.

How come I always end up working on things when I go visit him? Ben had also rented a bike, a Yamaha FJR1300. A great ride but the bars, pegs, wind shield situation just felt weird. It went like stink. The idea was that we would all head out Sunday morning and at some point Ben would head back. Ken and I would head to Yellowstone and then the West Coast. Sunday it was still raining but kind of clearing so we only took a short ride up near Estes Park.

Turns out these side trips really helped sort our gear out for all the rain ahead but we didn't know that, yet.