Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kitchen Planning

This might help you guys understand what I'm up to overall. Not much work happened in the room itself today but Jodie and I spent the day mapping out all the circuits from the main box to the rooms / lights. I have to have a better idea of what goes where and what I'll need to shift around to free up dedicated power for the kitchen. It turns out that there are three circuits going there now and are barely being used so I'm in good shape.

Below is the heads-up view of the plan with some notes. Above is the view walking into the kitchen from the just finished dining room. Almost forgot, had the hook handed dry wall guy in today to get an estimate for sheetrocking the entire room (ceiling included). Also picked out a nice ceiling fan.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 2 and 3

Funny to think of it but we usually don't see past the walls, this is the stuff that is holding the roof up. It's made of lumber, plaster, nails... and it's always there but we usually don't see it and so forget it. There you go. Day 2 and 3 in the bag. Doing some homework on the electrical and I just realized I didn't understand how pocket doors work. I'm guessing I'll have to special order the one I want so it might be a bit of a delay.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kitchen Kickoff

OK, here comes the big one. I'm guessing this will be done in 2 months at the latest. But here is the crappy blue / green / teal / white 70's mess I've been living with since I got the place.

Where the window is, there will be French doors to the deck, door to laundry room will remain but eventually be an entrance to the bath and not open outside, door to the bedroom goes away, all the cabinets / sink / stove replaced and moved to the other side of the room, window over sink installed, new sheetrock all around... stay tuned

Dining Room Remodel

OK, so these photos make it a bit hard to get the exact idea of what happened, but I think since the last post I've finished with the paint, wiring, electrical, ceiling fixture, installed the bookcases (and had fun with the table saw modifying them) and setup a cat perch. So the big work is done and at some point I need to get nice chairs and floor lamps to make it into a sitting room. Until then, it's become the new kitchen (as I start the demo in there) and I've moved the fridge, food, pots, pans and plates in.

and if you are wondering what the black electrical things are on the top shelves of the bookcases, it's my strobe and disco lights. Along with the fog machine, it should make for some fun evenings fiestas.