Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday in the Park

San Francisco usually gets the rap of being cold all the time. Drizzly fog and greyness. And generally this has some truth to it but last Sunday was the exception. Warm breezes, spring fragrances, naked people playing in the park and non-stop techno beats. What I'm getting at is that we get so few days of luxurious warm weather that when one comes along, Dolores Park explodes with activity. Usually along the top edge, there is an ocean of thong wearing Castro-ians, down towards the middle reaches, picnics and dogs and then some Frisbee and soccer in the plains. Everyone is smoking weed and drinking beer and dancing to some booming system near the playground. It was so good that I headed over to the new boutique ice cream shop to pick up a snack. Check out the dark chocolate and coconut macaroon ice cream sandwich. Damn straight!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring in SF

I guess technicaly it might not be spring but both of my plum trees in my yard are lighting up with blooms of tiny white petals. An explosion really. and damn I had to post something cause I'm sick of looking at that crazy haircut situation, which has grown in quite a bit BTW