Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Reinforcements Have Arrived

So instead of renting an engine puller for $50 a day I've been looking around for a used one to do the job and then sell it for what I paid. This beauty showed up today on Craig's List and then in my garage tonight. It's a Summit 8 ton hoist. I could life both damn Mustangs with the thing. Then there's the 1250 lb. capacity engine stand where I'll be bolting up the small block to sort out the water pump, headers and detailing things. The whole mess cost me a couple of hours in the company truck (using their gas) and $125. Merry Christmas to me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Chanukah

Damn, I feel so ethnic. Jesse invited me over last Friday for a Chanukah dinner with his friends. Can't say that my diverse Sacramento upbringing prepared me in anyway for this so it was a real treat. Homemade Latkas and Jelly Filled donuts (I'm sure there must be a Hebrew name for donut). Jesse broke out his latest batch of "Chanukah Ale" and we had some kind of drinking game with Dradles. ...and then there was the 10 pounds of brisket. Nice going you guys. Keep it up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SOOO Much Gin

What could be better than drinking the night away at "the best new bar in America", Bourbon and Branch, located in my little hometown of San Francisco. I managed to find the place and get in, even though there is no sign out front and I forgot the Speakeasy style password for them to let me in. My good friend (he hates when I call him old) Ed Rose and I went to one of their Beverage Academy sessions tonight and it was really amazing. Tonights class was on Gin. I've really never been fond of the spirits but I tell you, I have a whole new appreciation. The class was help in the "secret library" room. Really done up well with a shinny tin ceiling, vintage books on rustic shelves with the whole place wrapped in red velvety walls and brick. Well done

We started the night with a little warm up drink, a Pimm's Cup. Never had one but really tasty with a little slice of English Cucumber. The dozen of us chatted a bit and got to know each other before our blind tasting of 3 Gins. I was amazed at the variation of the flavours (but again I really have no idea what I'm talking about). My notes read:

#1 lots of organics on the initial taste; juniper and citrus (can I use wine tasting terms here?), mellow, nice. My favorite. Turned out to be a local Gin made just near the ballpark here in town, Distillery 209.

#2 Kind of mild at first but with a hot finish. Mostly Juniper berry flavours. OK. Turns out to be Tanqueray 10.

#3 Rubbing alcohol? Did someone slip battery acid in my glass? Beefeater. You guys can keep this one over on your tiny little island. Yuck. This is the rot gut I'm used to drinking.

Next up was the mixing. We used the B and B recipes for our drinks and started with a classic Gin and Tonic while we heard about the history of the drink and Gin. Then to a 30s era Rolls Royce, Aviation and then samples of the house specialty, Afternoon Tea and Cucumber Gin (some recipes on their blog). In addition to the London Dry style Gins we tasted 2 other styles: Dutch / Genever and Plymouth. The Dutch style was unusual cause it was aged and had a much sweeter, flavorful taste if you can imagine that. The Plymouth Gin was supposed to be more sweet and fruity but I honestly couldn't tell. Plus by that time I was getting pretty loaded and had lost my finely honed tasting skills.

We ended the night with some perfectly acceptable Chinese food and a Bart ride home for me. Ah, life in the big city is grand.